Amsterdam Research on Emergency Administration.

I am the coordinator of the Research Group Amsterdam Research on Emergency Administration AREA.

With Peter Groenewegen and Pieter Wagenaar I founded AREA in 2007. The programme aims at addressing organizational problems in the crisis management domain. The goal of AREA is to perform multidisciplinary research towards the crisis management domain at several levels (multi-level research). We use several methods, such as participative ethnographic research, survey-research, social psychological research, communication analysis and social network analysis. The research is performed in close collaboration with practitioners – research on Netcentric Work in Dutch safety organizations is part of the AREA programme.

Through the use of international contacts we aim at developing more insight through international comparisons. We collaborate with researchers from – amongst others – the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA (Scott Poole and John Lammers), Leeds University Business School, UK (David Allen), Dauphine Université Paris, France (Anouck Adrot), University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Jonas Landgren), University of Jyvaskyla, Finland (Marita Vos), University Laval, Canada (Carole Lalonde), University of the Free State, South Africa (Andries Jordaan), UN University Bonn (Joerg Szarzynski).

As AREA researchers we aim at organizing yearly workshops in collaboration with the crisis management domain for the improvement of the crisis response organization and work processes. We work with professional (training) institutes such as the Dutch Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid, BOCAS Amsterdam/Amstelland, and the Illinois Fire Service Institute. We built strong relationships with the research institute TNO, with industrial partners such as Thales D/CIS, and with knowledge platforms such as RB&W and BlomBerg Instituut. Last but not least, AREA is networked in the national safety sector and we have ties with the Dutch Safety Regions, and with national(public) safety administrations and inspectorates.