Find here examples of my consulting activities in three domains:

1) Cultural Change in Crisis Response Organizations and Networks

– Project on crisis information management in health care networks, Region East, (Arnhem and Nijmegen), the Netherlands.

– Member of the expert group on Netcentric Work at the IFV, Arnhem, (Crisisplein), (TNO).

– Expert group meeting: Critical response in security and safety emergencies: an organizational cultural perspective and storytelling. At the National meeting of Crisys (Critical Response in Security and Safety Emergencies, FP7 programme) under supervision of EOS (European Organisation for Security) and organized by Altran, Schiphol Oost Amsterdam.

– Expert group meeting on the integration of the Response Room Domain Schiphol headed by Charles Hendriks (business architect at Schiphol Group).

– Project on Multidisciplinary Information Management of the Amsterdam Emergency Rooms of the Police, Fire and Ambulances Services, with prof.dr. Peter Groenewegen, dr. Pieter Wagenaar, Peter van Zanten (Berenschot) and practitioners of the emergency-rooms in Amsterdam.

2) Community Building and Urban Resilience

– Board member (chair) of Cybersoek digital city Amsterdam (Stichting ZIP: ‘digitaal trapveld’ Zeeburg, Amsterdam), since January 2006.

– Commissioner at the grassroots neighborhood cooperation Meevaart (Coöperatieve Vereniging de Buurtmaatschap), Amsterdam.

– Consulted: Communities in the 21st century. At the: Community Timorplein Amsterdam.

3) Leadership and Management in Higher Education Institutes

– Consultant to Leadership and Management Capacity Development Programme (LMCDP), Center for International Cooperation (CIS) on Higher Education Development (paid on a project-basis):

a) Trainer in the course ‘Leadership in Research and Proposal Writing’ at the Mekelle University, Ethiopia.

b) Roundtable discussion on Research Policy and Research Cultures at the University of San Carlos (USC), Cebu in the Philippines, with the Center for International Cooperation (CIS) .

– Consulting on ‘Diversity in Higher Education Organizations’. Participants: professionals of the Delft University of Technology in the training program on Academic Leadership. The Hague, the Netherlands.

– Consulting on ‘Being Successful in Dutch Organizations’. Participants: FOM-researchers. Organized by Bureau Paradox, the Netherlands.