Since 2011 I work as an Associate Professor at the Department of Organization Sciences of the Faculty of Social Sciences, at the VU Amsterdam.

Formal (previous) positions

February–August 2012: Visiting scholar at the University of Illinois, USA, in the Department of Communication and the Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (I-CHASS),

Since February 2012: International research fellow at the Illinois Fire Safety Institute, Champaign Illinois, USA,

2009–2013: Management Committee member of the EU COST Action ISO807 Living in Surveillance Societies. Workgroup coordinator ‘Technologies and Surveillance’,

2007–2010: Research manager of the program Cultural Change in Organizational Networks, VU Amsterdam,

2006–2010: Associate professor at the Department of Culture, Organization and Management of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the VUA,

2001-2005: Assistant professor at the Department of Culture, Organization and Management, VU Amsterdam,

2000: Visiting scholar at the Department of History of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (MD, USA) in the Institute for Applied Economics and Study of Business Enterprisein Baltimore MD, USA,

1996-1997: Junior researcher on ‘Sociological Analysis of Technological Development’ at the Department Technology and Policy of the Faculty of Technology Management, TU/e.


2002: PhD degree, defense of the thesis ‘Inventing Structures’, supervisors prof. Harry Lintsen, prof. Arie Rip and prof. Marc de Vries. Awarded with the European Business History Association Dissertation Award, March 2002,

1999: Diploma Social-Economic History Research, N.W. Posthumus Institute (Netherlands School for Social-Economic History),

1998: Diploma WTMC (Netherlands School for Science and Technology Studies) on ‘Science, Society, Politics, and the Law’,

1997: Ph.D. candidate at the Department History of Technology of the Faculty Technology Management at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TE/e),

1997: Courses in Science and Technology Studies, University of Amsterdam (UvA),

1996: Master’s degree, Technology and Society (Governance) Studies at the TU/e,

1995: Student assistant Sociology and Technology, TU/e,

1993: Bachelor degree, construction engineering, Rotterdam,

1989: High school diploma (VWO).

International and national research networks

Since 2007 I take part of the research and leadership capacity development programmes of the Center for International Cooperation (CIS). Through this programme I worked together with research deans of the University of San Carlos in Cebu Philippines, and with research deans and young researchers at various universities in Ethiopia (i.e. Addis Ababa University, St. Mary’s University College and the Mekelle University). During 2004-2006 I participated in an exchange program on Science and Technology Studies between the VU University Amsterdam and the North West University in South Africa.

Since 2010 I work in a National Science Foundation (NSF) research-program on Emergency Response Organizations with prof. Marshall Scott-Poole and John Lammers of the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, USA. From February – August 2012 I was appointed visiting scholar at the University of Illinois in the Department of Communication and the Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (I-CHASS) where I worked with professor Scott Poole and professor John Lammers. I did fieldwork at the Illinois Fire Safety Institute (IFSI) during this period.

Since 2012 I work with the researchers of AIMTech Research Group, headed by prof.dr. David K. Allen, Leeds University Business School on Emergency Response and Information Exchange, and with dr. Anouck Adrot, at the Dauphine Universite Paris.

From 2009-2013 I was management committee member of the EU COST action on Living in Surveillance Societies, coordinated by prof. William Webster, University of Stirling. I was coordinator of the Working Group on Surveillance Technologies in Practice of the same Action.


– 2017: Paper award with Femke Mulder: Linking up the last mile: how humanitarian power relations shape community e-resilience at the Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management conference, Albi, France.
– 2016: Bi-annual research award of the Faculty of Social Sciences, VU Amsterdam.
– 2002: European Business History Association Dissertation Award 2002 (at the 2002 EBHA conference, Helsinki).

Main Grants

– 2015: EU grant within the Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection programme, on: ‘Local Resilience Capacity Building for Flood Mitigation’, co-applicant. PI for the Netherlands: prof.dr. Dave Huitema. Total budget for the VUA (part of a consortium): €150.000

– 2014: NWO (The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) grant within the Smart Governance program: ‘Enhancing smart disaster governance: Assessing the potential of the net-centric approach.’ PI, co-applicants: dr. Julie Fergusson, dr. Bartel van de Walle, prof.dr. Peter Groenewegen, prof. Arjen Boin. The project is co-financed by Dutch Safety Regions (Groningen, Noord-Holland-Noord, Utrecht, Rotterdam-Rijnmond), Netherlands Institute for Safety, DLOC Police, Cordaid and Oxfam Novib. Total budget: €700.000

– 2013: NWO grant for the Partnership Development project within the Smart Governance program: ‘Continuation, Coordination and Cooperation of Disaster and Humanitarian Response: A Netcentric C3 Approach to Emergency Management and Citizen Participation.’ PI, co-applicants: dr. Julie Fergusson, dr. Bartel van de Walle, prof.dr. Peter Groenewegen, prof.dr. Scott Poole: €20.000

– 2013: Project executed by Cybersoek on digital learning and language education, funded by the European Integration Fund (EIF), project leader Ellen van Eeden: €75.000

– 2011: Project on cultural change in crisis response organizations funded by the Platform Netcentric Operations. PI together with prof.dr. Jaap de Heer: €53.000

– 2011: EU Grant for a Workshop Living in Surveillance Societies, Amsterdam, funded by DigiDeas and EU COST Action: €10.000

– 2010: Project on Public Values in Mega Project funded by the consortium Next Generation Infrastructures. PI together with prof.dr. Alfons van Marrewijk: €260.000

– 2010: Project executed by Cybersoek on Volunteers in Neighborhood Urban Development, funded by The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development ZonMw. Project leader Ellen van Eeden: €40.000

– 2010: Project coordination in a KNAW funded Project on Social Networks: Linking Social Science and Computer Science. PI: prof.dr. Peter Groenewegen: budget for student assistants

– 2009-2013: MC-member in the EU COST Action Living in Surveillance Societies. Project leader: dr. William Webster (University of Stirling): budget for travelling, workshops and conferences

– 2008-2011: Grant for participation in Capacity Building programme for young academics in Ethiopia and the Philippines, funded by the Center of International Cooperation: €15.000

– 2007-8: Project on Multi-disciplinary Information Management of the Amsterdam Emergency Rooms of the Police, Fire and Ambulances Services, with Peter Groenewegen en Pieter Wagenaar. Funded by Berenschot: €10.000

– 2008: Publication grant of the Netherlands Institute of Government for the publication of the editorial volume ICTs, Citizens & Governance: After the Hype! with dr. Albert Meijer and dr. Pieter Wagenaar: €10.000

– 2006: 0.2 fte research grant of the research centre CCSS of the Faculty of Social Sciences, VU Amsterdam. Research project on Networks of R&D: €15.000

– 2002: Dissertation grants by: Jurriaanse Stichting, Unger-van Brero Fonds and Dr Hendik Muller’s Vaderlandsch Fonds: €5000

– 2001: Travelling Grant from the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT): $750

– 2000: Visiting Grant Johns Hopkins University by the faculty Technology Management of the Eindhoven University of Technology: fl. 7.500

Current and Past Professional Affiliations and Memberships

Currently I am a senior research member of the NIG (Netherlands Institute of Government) and an active member of the Amsterdam Network Institute. I was member of the research schools N.W. Posthumus Instituut (social and economic history), WTMC (Wetenschap, Techniek en Moderne Cultuur: the Dutch school for science and technology studies) and ECIS (Eindhoven Center for Innovation Studies). Other:

– European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS),

– International Community on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM),

– Society for Research into Higher Education (SHRE) until 2010,

– The European Higher Education Society (EAIR) until 2010,

– European Business History Association (EBHA) until 2010,

– Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) until 2010.


1) Co-Editor (with dr. Joel Harmon) of the area Linking Theory & Practice of the Organization Management Journal (Routledge, Taylor & Francis).

2) Regional Editor Europe (with dr. Caroline McMullan) of the International Journal of Emergency Services (Emerald).

3) Member of the editorial board of Organization Studies (Sage).

4) Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Change Management (Routledge, Taylor & Francis).

5) Member of the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Management History (Emerald) (until 2015).

6) Member of the International Review Editorial Board of the International Journal of Information Technology Project Management (IGI Publishers).

7) Member of the editorial board of TrippleC, Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society.

8) Guest editor Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management (Blackwell). Special issue on: Incident Command Systems: Re-opening the Black Box.

9) Guest editor International Journal of Business Anthropology (North America Business Press). Special issue on: Travelling of Management Ideas in Higher Education.


– Routledge, Taylor & Francis: International Journal of Public Administration; Tertiary Education and Management and Business History.

– Sage: Business and Society; Organization Studies; Human Relations; Urban Studies and Journal of Management Inquiry.

– Emerald: Journal of Management History, Journal of Enterprise Information Management and Personnel Review.

– John Wiley & Sons: Strategic Management Journal.

– World Scientific Publishing: International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management.

– ACM: Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction.

– Elsevier: Journal of Strategic Information Systems and International Journal of Project Management.

– Open Access: Sage Open, Surveillance and Society, TrippleC – Communication, Capitalism & Critique, URBE Brazilian Journal of Urban Management, BMC Musculokeletal Disorders.