As a teacher I specialized myself in the areas of Technology and Culture, Organization Studies, and Crisis Management. I currently teach (both in Dutch and English) undergraduates and graduates within the curricula Culture, Organization and Management, Public Administration and Organization Science and within the Social Sciences Research Master. Previously I gave courses in the field of Technology Assessment. I supervised about 85 and co-supervised about 120 master-students with their final thesis. At this page you can find an overview of my teaching activities during the last ten years.

1. Graduate, Master and pre-Master courses

– 2013/14/15: lecturer on ‘Organization Sciences’, Ma-course Department Organization Sciences, together with dr. Sierk Ybema and dr. Frank den Bakker, VU University Amsterdam (VUA),

– 2012/13: coordinator ‘Advanced Interdisciplinary Seminar: Networks, Media and Culture’ of the Master of Social Research, VUA, with dr. Jos Bartels,

– 2011/12/13: guest lectures: ‘Normal Accidents and Organizational Culture’, as part of the Ma-course Organization Sciences, coordinated by dr. Sierk Ybema and dr.ir. Frank den Bakker, and ‘Public-Private Partnerships in Disaster Response and Management’ with Jeroen Wolbers as part of the course Public Management, coordinated by dr. Marja Spierenburg, (VUA),

– 2009/10/11 coordinator of and lecturer in Qualitative Methods of Organisational Research: ‘Methods of Meaning’. PhD Programme in Business and Organisation, Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI),

– 2009/10 tutor in the research Master of Social Research/VUA-graduate school: Key-thinkers course,

– 2007/8/9/10 tutor ‘Thematic Reading’: Structure and Agency in Organization Theory, with dr. Frank den Hond (in 2007/8) and ‘Organizational Politics’ (2009/10) in the research Master of Social Research (VUA),

– 2007/8/9/10/11 guest-instructor in various Ma-courses at the VUA: the course ‘History of the Life Sciences’; the course ‘Thematic reading'; the course ‘Multicultural organizations and networks’; the course ‘Gender, diversity and technology’ and the course ‘Identity and diversity in organizations’,

– 2006/7 together with professor Stewart Clegg (University of Technology Sydney): (pre-master) ‘Theories of Management and Organization’ (~80 students) at the VUA,

– 2004/5: evening class ‘Organizational Culture and ICT’. A course on paper writing with ~25 students at the VUA,

– 2003/4/5: (master) ‘Organizational Culture and ICT’. A course on paper writing (~100 students with feedback in smaller groups) at the VUA,

– 2002/3/4: (pre-master and bachelor) course on ‘Organizational Culture and Technology’ (~200 students) together with dr.ir. Sytze Kingma (coordinator), at the VUA,

– 2001/2/3: (pre-master) courses on ‘Organizational Theory and Writing’, at the VUA (~15 students each year),

– 2002/3: evening class ‘Organizational Behavior’ with ~30 students at the VUA,

– 2001/2/3: (pre)master courses on ‘Organizational Behavior’ (~250 students each year) including co-ordination at the VUA.

2. Minors and Summer Schools

– 2009/10/11/12/13/14 course ‘Organizational Politics’ as part of the Minor Culture, Organization and Management at the VU University Amsterdam,

– 2014/15: guest lecturer Crisis Management Leadership, in the course ‘Institutions, recovery and resilience’ part of the Minor Disaster and Recovery, Wageningen University,

– 2011/12: lecturer in the VU Social Sciences Summer School (August 2011) Culture Organization and Management, the course: ‘Organizational Politics’,

– 2103/14: guest lecture on ‘Crisis (in) leadership: power and perspectives’ at the Radboud University Nijmegen, coordinator of the course; dr. Marieke van den Brink.

3. Bachelor-courses

– 2007/8/9/10/11 introduction (bachelor) course ‘Public Administration and Organization Science’. Coordinator with dr. Pieter Wagenaar of 12 instructors and ~250 students each year, and the supervision of a group of 20 students at the VUA,

– 2006/7: Ba-course on ‘Organizational Politics and Social Theories on Power in Organizations’, together with professor Stewart Clegg, University of Technology Sydney, at theVUA,

– 2003/4/5/6: Ba-course on ‘Organizational Politics and Social Theories on Power in Organizations’ (~35 students each year), at the VUA (in 2005 with a guest lecture by professor JoAnne Martin, Stanford Graduate School of Business),

– 2003/4: coordinator of the course on ‘Organizational Theory and Writing’, at the VUA (~50 students),

– 1998: Ma-(engineering)course on ‘Technology Assessment for Mechanical Engineers’, at the Eindhoven University of Technology (~40 students) together with Prof.dr. Marc de Vries.